Christmas Tree Hunt

We have a favorite Christmas tree farm down on the peninsula (but Sunset article has now made it too crowded).  So for the second year in a row, we headed to Grandma Buddy’s in Sebastopol.  Pretty good tree.  Pretty great experience.

It was nice to have Ford helping cut down the tree(s) this year.

Hawk Above Fog

Hawk Hill is an easy hill climb ride when I feel like I just don’t have the legs for Tam.  There are usually two added benefits.  First, if foggy, you get to ride above the fog and then drop down to the coast.  Second, it means a quick surf check to see if it is worth coming back to get wet.  Today, I got both.

Adventure Morning — Rainy Background

We are blessed that we live right on a redwood grove.  With another glorious day of rain, we had the entire place to ourselves to play.

Streams were rushing.

Kids started playing pine cone baseball

And the kids were pumped about 3 hours of morning play in a light, warm, fall rain.


The rains have driven out the smoke and brought in fresh air.  Taking full advantage, I went for a run in the headlands.  Map in pack but never opened.  I just went on feel.  Amazing run — western bluebirds, bobcat, salamanders, a hawk that kept me company (~15 feet overhead) for an entire ridge section, rain, sun, fog, blue sky, ocean, bay, cityscape, and GGB views.  9 miles and 1800 feet climbed, I could not feel more grateful for all the nature around me.

Campfire Effect on SF

Ughh.  On my ride into work this morning, the sun looked like one of the Star Wars sun on Tatooine.  It is nasty.  So I drove up Hawk Hill to take a photo of the GGB and the resulting smog.  Gross.