Baby Shower at the Piocho Ranch

Our friends and family are truly amazing. This Saturday, the friends and families that Sarah grew up had a shower for Sarah and baby Eloise. Katherine (Nana), Renee, sister Katie, Eileen (and TJ) and friends organized the shower. And it look liked what most people (including myself) would consider the equivalent of a small wedding — the small details, the food, the venue (Piocho Ranch) were amazing. Friends and family made long drives from as far as LA, Pasadena and San Francisco. The photos don’t do justice to how beautiful the day was or how loved and blessed we are in life.

2 Replies to “Baby Shower at the Piocho Ranch”

  1. Christopher and Sarah.How blessed you are to have such loving friends.The pictures are without a doubt just what you said,.”A baby shower that could have been a wedding reception”.A truly unbelievable venue. It looks like you had a fabulous event. Love Pops

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