Happy Birthday Eloise June

I think Eloise knows her dad is a lawyer. After several weeks of very long workdays and working weekends in preparation of an upcoming trial, I had come to the last weekend of pre-trial filings. Every night I would beg Eloise (i.e., Sarah’s beautiful belly) to wait until Monday night before coming because (1) I needed some sleep in advance of her coming and (2) the last filing was due then. On Monday night, I filed our last motion at approximately 11:30 pm, Sarah went into labor at 11:45 pm. Thanks Eloise.

Childbirth means a great many things to a great many people. I cannot describe the emotions in words. Amazement. Beauty. Astonishment. For someone whose professional life is premised on the ability to express thoughts and meaning by way of the written and verbal word, I am without any. The one thing I know for certain is Sarah is a strong, powerful, beautiful woman who brought life into this world that means more to me than I am able to comprehend. I love her. And I love our new baby, Eloise June.

Here are some photos and videos of our experience.

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