Nana Saves

Going back to work with a new baby is exhausting. I don’t realize it was going to be so hard. I went back on Tuesday and I am already dead tired.

I am pretty sure Sarah feels the same way with some of Eloise’s late nights. Thank goodness for Nana, who always seems to swoop in when things get tough. It makes it so that both Sarah and I can both honestly say that things have pretty much gone smoother than we ever expected.Thanks Nana. It’s wonderful to have you here.

And for family and friends at great distances, we would love to skype! Can’t wait for you to see Eloise.

4 Replies to “Nana Saves”

  1. I can do one better than skype, maybe I can see baby Eloise in person! I can’t wait to meet her, let’s plan a playdate! 🙂

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