Harry Potter – Year One Comes to an End

Eloise and I tore through the first Harry Potter book sooner than I though possible (new trailer is exciting btw).  Despite the length of some of the later years, I am worried that we will fly through these before Eloise is ready to start on true baby books.  I think we might — regardless of how faster Mr. Potter grows up in front of little Eloise — will continue with advanced reading even when that day comes (sorta like a 3-4 age appropriate books and 10-15 minutes of novel reading before bed) until Eloise starts talking on a regular basis.  Should we continue with the geek dad route — maybe The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Triology — or should we turn the classics?  Nana has pushed from Friday poetry readings, but I countered with threats of limericks and Shel Siverstein.  I guess I should not complain too much.  I mean, it was not  just Sarah stunning looks that made me fall in love at first sight; it was also the Ginsberg autobiography peeking out from her purse (and this was in Vegas).  Any readings suggestions (or paths) are welcome.

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