Eloise at the Plaza


Well, not actually the plaza, but the Half Moon Bay equivalent. After a rough week or two where I was quite sick and definitely overworked, and Eloise was (resultantly?) unhappy and not sleeping or feeling quite herself, Sarah and I took our weekend on the coast in belated celebration of Sarah’s birthday and our second wedding anniversary. We visited our dream house (a modern, interior courtyard dream a thousand yards from one of my go to surf spots and somehow on sale for a price just out of our price range (of course)). Eloise was particularly good. I broke the vegan lifestyle for the night with some seafood. And Sarah got a well-deserved massage. Smores by the fire pit to end the day. But perhaps the best part was watching the corduroy lines come rolling in while drinking cocktails on Saturday afternoon with the promise of a Sunday morning south swell dawn patrol surf at the jetty. I could get used to this.

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