Picnic in the Hills

One of my favorite running spots in law school was Rancho San Antonio.  It represented everything I had hoped for in terms of California lifestyle.  Late evening or early morning trail running inevitably led to one or two deer eating breakfast somewhere along a trail or in the main meadow.   It always astonished me how fearless these animals were of humans (undoubtedly in light of the preserve life style in which they lived).  With our move to San Francisco and then Palo Alto, Rancho did not get as much running love from me as it did when it was a mainstay of my daily post-graduate life.  Recently, we have found an alternative and have been taking Eloise stroller strolls at Palo Alto’s Foothills Park.  On Tuesday night, we had a picnic dinner down in the valley at Foothills with Eloise.  Over the course of the 15 minutes that we were setting up, deer starting rolling into the meadow for their dinner until a group of 13 deer were eating approximately 30 yards away from us.  Eloise, with her usual nonchalant charm, acted as if it were no big deal.  Then again, she could have thought they were just giant dogs.  I love California.





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