162 Full Sized Candy Bars

Halloween is Nana’s favorite holiday.  By a very looooooooong stretch.  When we decided to do the three generational thing for the first year of Eloise’s life and have Nana live with us, I would say approximately 92.7% of the things Nana decided she must bring with her were Halloween related.  For someone who values a man-cave garage as one of life’s prized possession, filling it up with boxes of skulls, bones, and talking mummies, this was a psychological challenge during the move.

I can honestly say it was well worth it.  Eloise loves Halloween.  Halloween in this household is a month long holiday.  It started slowly with filling the house and yard with spiders and spiderwebs.  Unfortunately these photos do not do the holiday decorations justice.  The details.  The magic.  The “spookies.”  It was awesome (and this is coming from someone who sacrificed his beloved man-cave for the sake of this Brian Wilson awesomeness).

Indeed, we quickly became the favorite Halloween house of all the kids as they walked to school.  And I think they all stopped by as we went through 162 full sized candy bars in just under one hour.  That has to be a record.

Enjoy the photos.

House magic:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our clearly male skeleton:

My beautiful ladies:

And Nana (sometimes in full spooky gear) and Weezer:

Can’t wait for next year.

3 Replies to “162 Full Sized Candy Bars”

  1. Love the pictures so much! Eloise is so beautiful and I agree that Halloween IS the most fun holiday 🙂

  2. what fun you had! Kudos to Katherine for such awesome decorations. I can see why so many kids in the neighborhood came to your house. Eloise was a beautiful butterfly.

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