Thanksgiving (Family Feast)

Five month year old (first) baby + hosting Thanksgiving = chaos.  Somehow everyone pulled together and it came off beautifully.  Thanks for such wonderful friends and family that made the trip for the occasion.

Aunt “Krazer” (our own personal gourmet chef in the family) spent two days in the kitchen along with my beautiful wife, Sarah.  Despite the effort, they somehow also managed to find time to make themselves look amazing.

Nana took care of the details.

Eloise spent the most of her time just trying to look cute and hanging out with family (which she did very well and very graciously).

Baby Eloise loved that Uncle M from Santa Barbara came up.

And she was very thankful for so many friends and family that celebrated the day with her.

And Eloise was especially excited that friends M & A are going to bring a little girl into the world soon that can teach her French and travel the world with her.

And despite fighting an alarm 2 fire the night before, Uncle M still had enough energy to man the turntable.  And when dessert came, Cousin J started banging out some ragtime.

Cousin J and S seemed to enjoy the festivities.  Even if they did have to sit at the kid’s table.

Can’t wait for Christmas and for Nana G and Pops to come out.

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