Christmas Tree Hunt

Late to the Christmas decoration party (we were obviously still worn out from Halloween and Thanksgiving), we decided to hunt down our tree today. We went to Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm in Half Moon Bay (which also proximity to a morning surf). Eloise did not seem too sure of this new adventure.

At least until she realized that she was getting a tree of her own. And then the hunt was on.

Aunt Krazer took the hunt very seriously. As did Sarah.

I was tasked with cutting down the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Eloise was quite happy with her tree.

Aunt Krazer and Sarah were happy with their find and did a little Christmas Tree dance (notice the family in the background watching the dance madness; the father was dialed in to the very first two-step).

Eloise got into the mix with her own little Christmas Tree dance with Nana.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season.

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