MLK Ride

With the morning tide <misspelling / pun intended> up with a needing to go in for service, I went for a loop ride in the City searching for as many MLK celebrations that I could find.  As it turns out, many happened over the weekend so my search just turned out to be a roll on MLK Drive in the Park and finding the un-touristy things in the most touristy areas of my ride.

What I tell (horse-obsessed) Eloise is my mount, Black Beauty:

Remembering the cardinal rule of surf photography — never include anything in the photo that could reveal the location of the spot — I was able to capture the point break below in the midst of things getting hollow:

MLK - Surf 1

Near shore image of shape of (a lesser) wave:

MLK - Surf 2

The cool thing about king’s tide and lots of rain (in addition to the infrequent spots breaking) is nature unusually covered up by standing water (like these grasses on Chrissy Field) or flowing freely (like this waterfall in the Park):

MLK - Water grasses

MLK - WFall.jpg

Presidio and Park were in full splendor:

MLK - TreeMLK - Neigh

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