Adventure Weekend – Unintentional Bodega Bay Picnic

Eloise’s pony club was in Petaluma this week so prior to heading out there, I shoved a bunch of potentially fun items in the trunk (scooters, kites, slack line, towels, sand toys, blankets, picnic stuff, cooler, etc. . . ).  We had no ambitions for where it would head, but we ultimately wound up picnicking in Bodega Bay, “shaping surfboards,” playing with crabs, and collecting beach treasures for Bella’s beach house (Bella is one of Eloise’s unicorns).

Pony club riding:


Bodega Bay picnic spot:


Ford searching for crabs:



And finding some:



The fearless of kids never ceases to amaze.  There was zero hesitance with finding crabs — even after getting a little love pinch from one.

Eloise building a house for Bella:


And the final product (with treasures nearby):


And Ford’s surfboard shop:


The only bad part (other than our steward of the earth, Ford, picking up every piece of trash in sight, which included old beer bottles and a stinky, left-behind sock (WTF people)) was trying to get them to leave:



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