Peter Pumpkin Patch

Our new tradition for the past few years has been to go get our pumpkins from the Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma.  We met the owner a couple years ago, and he made such an impact on us that we we always just go back there.  The corn pool and the corn maize are pretty epic.  It is always the first thing that the kids go running for.  Ford manage to have fun despite his broken collarbone.


Ford broke his collarbone playing around at school today.  Ouch.  It looks terrible.  Nevertheless, I am always amazed at the both my kids’ tolerance for pain.

Jeff’s Farm

We went down and hung out on Uncle Jeff’s farm. It is always awesome to see an organic farmer killing it in today’s agricultural world of consolidated megafarms. Eloise got down with some carrots and other produce.

Adventure Weekend – Goldie Rock

If you are first to summit, you get to name it. . .

Eloise found this bouldering spot this first month that we moved here and named it after one of her horses. She has gone from needing a spotter to complete confidence on the hardest lines. 

Some spots on the way. 

And Eloise breaking open a geode we found. 

Patagonia’s Unbroken Ground

Local surf shop premiered Patagonia’s new movie — Unbroken Ground.  Given its focus on agriculture, my interest was particularly high.  Sarah and I rolled up for date night with Patagonia Provisions samples, including beer.

It did not disappoint.

Fatherhood — Yeti Stories

Yeti is a favorable brand. Simple elegant useful products.

As I age, I try to own less and less things (and teach the kids the same).  Somehow, I have two Yeti cups — one for work, one for home and everyone else.  Yes, I love the simplicity of this technology.  And no, by Yeti cup, I am not referring to bigfoot’s jock strap.

Glad to see support for some excellent story telling.

Full stories here.  And Shane Dorian video:

Great article in most recent Surfer’s Journal re Shane as well.

Random Acts of Eloiseness

Eloise has been taking about the amazing treasure hunt that she put together for us.  I kept pushing it to the next meal so that everyone in the family could participate.  Finally, I got the “Daddy, come on.  Let’s go get everyone and do this treasure hunt.”  Whoops.  I missed it.  I love my daughter.  She brought me to tears simply by telling us she loved us.

Ford “won” the treasure hunt.  But Sarah and I won the lucky parent lottery.  I love this girl.

Treasure Hunt

I love the detail of the beard on the Daddy unicorn.

Unicorn Beard

Complete translations:

  • Mommy: You are the best.  I love you.  Thank you for all you do.
  • Daddy: Daddy.  I love you.  You are the best daddy in the whole world.
  • Ford:  I love you.  You are a good brother.