Working at a company that builds stuff (robots, automation, hardware and software solutions), we have lots of builders at the company.  A buddy from work is building a multiple stage rocket.  Ford wanted in on the action so we started to build our own.  A great starter rocket — Big Bertha.  Like Legos, Ford is doing all the work (other than cutting).  First skill he picked up was the various way sanding can result in different types of edges for wood.

Tri Results Celebration

Closed out the triathlon season with some pretty good results in my past two races so they kids picked up a delicious chocolate ice cream cake to celebrate.  Elle was more excited about the cake then my results.  Obviously.

Peter Pumpkin Patch

Our new tradition for the past few years has been to go get our pumpkins from the Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma.  We met the owner a couple years ago, and he made such an impact on us that we we always just go back there.  The corn pool and the corn maize are pretty epic.  It is always the first thing that the kids go running for.  Ford manage to have fun despite his broken collarbone.


Ford broke his collarbone playing around at school today.  Ouch.  It looks terrible.  Nevertheless, I am always amazed at the both my kids’ tolerance for pain.

Jeff’s Farm

We went down and hung out on Uncle Jeff’s farm. It is always awesome to see an organic farmer killing it in today’s agricultural world of consolidated megafarms. Eloise got down with some carrots and other produce.