The New Planking and Horsemanning

Christmas eve started with a hike and then some old-fashioned play in the park: supermanning and strobbing.

Supermanning is pretty straightforward.

Lou Lou quite enjoyed herself.

But she was pretty excited about moving on to the next thing.

Nana had the idea to just do some simple hill rolling.  But this quickly escalated in adult mountain stroller riding (now known as strobbing).

Everyone got a turn.

Eloise loved it (as did Sarah).

And then the adults went fully back to chldlike joy.

Lou Lou had to be consoled about her family’s behavior.

At one point, she threatened to leave if we did not act like adults.

Which, of course, just escalated things to the level of video glorify our strobbing.

But the fun was soon refocused to Eloise.

Christmas Eve Eve = Yoga and Surfing

Like all little kids in Silicon Valley, Eloise has picked a ridiculous yoga move or two.  Here, she is doing downward dog with Auntie K.

A close of her happiness deserves attention.

And we scored some pretty good waves at a little secret spot <cough> near San Francisco (note: said photo will place me on the dreaded list on the side of the counter in the hardware store of those who post photos of Ocean Beach on the web).